Taking Stock…


So it’s 3 years now since we upped sticks and moved to the West Country, and almost a year since I set up this page, so high time I started to write about it.

Coming here was a daunting move, both myself and my wife putting established careers to the side to take a leap into the unknown with a complete change of focus. The reasons for the move were numerous but really all about improving quality of life and having more time as a family to do the thing that we love.

Changes were imminent in both our jobs, my wife’s family are nearby and we’ve always gravitated West for holidays and weekends. Long commutes and stressful jobs had started to impact on family life, so it was clearly time for a change. A chance find of a job online, a fortuitous sale of our house in Kent and we were on our way.

If I’m 100% honest with myself, in reality, the move west hasn’t delivered the quiet life which we might have expected and hasn’t been without its challenges. From both a work and financial perspective, the last 3 years haven’t always been easy and in many ways we’re as busy, if not more so, than we were in our previous lives in the southeast. It’s all been worth it though as what’s strikingly different is the degree to which we feel involved in the local community and the richness of life and landscape we find on our doorstep.

Through work, school and local events, we already know far more people locally than we did in 10 years of living in prime commuter territory. You can’t put a value on the simple pleasures of stopping to chat with people in the street or the person behind the counter of the local shop or pub knowing you by name, or a primary school where the headteacher knows every child by name…

Added to that, the rivers, woods and high tors of the Dartmoor national park are our playground, while within an hour we can swap the brooding moors for the wild, wave-lashed North shore or calmer creeks and bays of South Devon. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family, we really wouldn’t consider living anywhere else, and certainly have no regrets.

The purpose of this blog is really to act as a sort of online journal, to share a little of our lives here and hopefully inspire others with what the West Country can offer.


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